Monday, November 30, 2009

Put on the Armor to Handle Crises

In life, you have (metaphorically speaking) sunny days, rainy days, and hurricanes. You must ask yourself: Are you prepared for the hurricanes, or the heavy storms? Are you prepared for the major crises? For some of you, you may already have gone through a major crisis.

I’ve mentioned in my writings my personal health crisis of 2004, when I was facing disability and a body part was hideous looking at the time. I did not know if I was going to become legally disabled. I am thankful to God that I am not legally disabled, and I now am looking normal.

One very important factor in this positive outcome is putting on the “armor” of God before the crisis and throughout the crisis. (Ephesians 6) Let me use the analogy of military armors and weaponry in medieval times. The knights in those times wore armors and carried weaponry that requires training (since they are quite heavy). A trained knight could be very effective and deadly with his armor and weaponry.

Let’s also use the modern day armored tank and the fighter jet as an analogy. Before one can effectively use an armored tank or a fighter jet, you must be very well trained to fly the jet or steer the tank into the crisis zones. Otherwise, they would be quite useless to you (although they are very effective for trained pilots.)
Such is also true with the armor of God. Before you enter the inevitable crises or storms in life, hopefully you’ve put on the armor of God and have been trained.

What is the armor of God? Simply put, it’s the teachings of God (through the Bible, through your relationship/connection with God, through life’s experiences God allows you to have, and through the Word.)

The outcome of my crisis back in 2004 would not have been so good if the armor of God had not been introduced to me beforehand. You see, I have sought out knowledge from God and a relationship with God before the crisis. When the crisis hit, I was glad that I had certain knowledge and wisdom. Without them, I would probably be legally disabled right now. (In that specific crisis, “the knowledge” included spiritual knowledge and medical knowledge that God had provided me beforehand.)

The main point of today’s message is: Put on the armor of God and be trained in it. Seek knowledge and wisdom from God (through the Bible first and foremost.) Seek a relationship with God (through daily prayer and connect with true Christians.) You need to do this before you go through a crisis. If you are already going through a crisis right now, you need to do this even more so. God can provide you with the spiritual knowledge, medical knowledge, financial knowledge, or whatever knowledge and wisdom is necessary, but only if you are opened to Him. If you are not opened to receive from Him, you will not receive. So, don't blame God if you are not opened to receive.

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