Monday, November 16, 2015

Lost Files in Google Drive

A few weeks ago, I went into my Google Drive and opened an important folder (that contains years of my work) only to find that it's completely empty.  I started to panic and tried different things.  The following is what I did before all my files appeared again and I suggest you try this:

1.  Click "Refresh" on the browser.  (You can alternatively press the  "F5" key if on a PC.)  Most likely, this alone will make your files appear again.

2. Log out of Google.  

3. Clear cache and history on your browser.

4. Check your internet connection and make sure your internet connection is not intermittent (on and off).  Test other websites and application requiring internet connection to make sure there's no problem with your internet connection.  [If you suddenly lose connection to the internet, naturally your Google Drive folder will appear empty because your files are stored online and not in your computer.]

5. Restart your computer.

6. Go into your Google Drive again.  

7. If you still don't see your files, click "refresh" on your browser again.

After You Recover Your Files and Folders and Google Drive, Do the Following
For important folders and files that you put on, keep a backup elsewhere such as on your desktop computer or on a USB hard drive.  

Other People's Experience as Posted on Discussions Online
Although my Google Drive is the free 15GB version, this sudden disappearance of files happened also to people with the PAID version of Google Drive, as I've searched them out online.  Therefore, I strongly recommend that you have backup copies of your files elsewhere, even if you have the paid version of Google Drive.

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