Monday, January 9, 2012

Things Change When You Change Your Perspective

"When you change the way you see the things around you, the things around you change.  When you change the way you see the people around you, the people around you change."  -Amadeo Constanzo

By the time you experience this, you'll wander why you tried so hard to manipulate the things around you in the past.  You'll wander why you frustrated yourself so much in trying to change the people around you, when you finally and truly realize that you only needed to change yourself and change the way you see them.

You may think that I am writing this to teach you.  Although that is true, I am doing this more so to remind myself.  Revelation of the knowledge is great, but maintenance is just as important.  Maintenance requires habitual reminders(from teachers, reading the writings of such teachers, and routine re-reading.)

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