Thursday, October 13, 2011

Relationships, Mine, Others', and Lessons

Coming up in this Life blog, I’m going to start writing about relationships, including – how I’d go about finding; maintaining; stories of others, and lessons I’ve learned. I will also include my own stories, past hurts, and past mistakes that less than a handful of people know about.

When God recently indicated to me to embark on writing this series (on this completely unexpected subject), I was taken aback. At first, it didn’t make sense to me. Slowly and surely, it started to make sense to me more and more. I began to remember the connection between relationships and the emotional-spiritual affects which affects your health, your minds ability to function, and your work or academic performance. Take for example my student who had trouble concentrating in her school work when she was dealing with problems with her boyfriend. (He was cheating on her.)

Take also for example the man who developed a life threatening condition (aneurysm and cavernous sinus thrombosis) shortly after he started having problems with his marriage. His wife has a boyfriend and the husband wants a divorce. But in his country, his son will almost certainly be awarded to the wife in the courts as well as a lot of his fortune. He doesn’t want to lose his son, and he doesn’t want his son to grow up without both parents. Also, he is emotionally distraught from having to live with a wife who has a boyfriend out there. He is constantly full of anger, depression, and emotional pains. It was shortly after all these that he developed his life threatening condition. I believe that it was no coincidence. I am not saying his relationship and emotional troubles were the sole cause of his health problem, but I am saying that his troubles at home were definitely a major contributing factor.

Anyway, my point is that our relationships and emotional states are completely related to our SpirFit states (mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical state.)

Therefore, it is not really "out there" (as it initially felt to me) that I am writing about relationships. I think you will find the lessons and stories I provide (including my own experiences) interesting and helpful.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Habitual Thoughts Determine Results

“If you want to know what you were thinking a year ago, just look at your life today.” - Jack Canfield

This quote is a very strong reminder for me. Your thoughts are like seeds. You sow them today, but you may not get results immediately. Many people do not understand this in our microwave culture of quick results. (That’s why diet pills sell despite their potential long-term ineffectiveness and harmfulness, as I’ve written previously.)

Not that your thoughts are all you need. However, it is one of the most important steps. You have to get into the habit of setting aside time to think of what and how you want to be and visualize where you want your life to go. This is absolutely true also for your physical fitness. Bodybuilders and fitness competitors know this. This is also true for physical healing of medical conditions (as well as emotional and psychological healing) as I've learned first-hand in my medical battle years ago.

“For as he thinketh within himself, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7 (ASV)

We really have to be careful of what we think about or where our mind goes everyday. I can’t speak for everyone, but it’s a constant and conscious effort for me to direct my mind on where I want it to go and away from the negative places of where I don’t want it to go. I have to always try to remember that stinkin thinkin causes stinkin results. Stinkin results add up to a stinkin life.

Again, just the right thinking (and visualization) is an important step or daily habit, but it’s not all you need. It is also important to be connected to the Divine Power of God by praying/talking with God. Your spiritual state, emotional state, and the state of your faith is very important to go along with your thought. For example, if you have fear, hatred, doubt, or resentment in you, your seeds (or thoughts) will not produce the good harvest you want (or your desired results).

So, we should be routinely sowing good thoughts, while being in the right state.

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Steve Jobs Passed Away; His Work and Lesson

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, died from complications of pancreatic cancer on Wednesday at the age of 56. He was one of the greatest visionaries (on par with Edison and Ford). He has changed the way we live through creation or changes of devices like the personal computer (the Mac which leads the trends in PCs), music players (like the iPod touch), phones (iPhone), tablet computers and eReaders (iPad),...

Little do people know that Jobs has also provided important life lessons to people young and old, in addition to bringing innovative, useful, and trendy devices to the world. I have posted one of his life lessons at:

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A list of Apple patents under Steve Jobs can be found at:

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