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Friday, July 29, 2016

Is Hillary the Same as the Donald?

First Draft

Most of us know that Hillary Clinton is not the same as Donald Trump.  All Hillary supporters, all Trump supporters, and most Bernie supporters know that Hillary is not the same as the Donald.  However, most of us also know of one person who keeps saying Clinton is the same as Trump.  This "Hillary = Donald" believer may even be smart in other areas in life, but in this area, something is amiss in their head.  

If almost everybody is saying the sun rises every morning from the east, and you are the only one (or among the few) who says the sun rises from the west.  Chances are, not everyone else is wrong.

Just because you can point out a few similarities does not make them the same.  For example, Donald Trump supported the UFC in its early years in the 1990s (when most people and lawmakers were opposed to the UFC.)  I too was a supporter of the UFC and MMA back then.  But that does not make me the same as Donald Trump!  (Everybody who knows me will tell you that I am very different from Donald Trump.)

Most likely, these few believe what most people don’t because they have been reading from unreliable sources.  They may even be very intelligent in other areas, but if you’ve been reading from unreliable sources (usually with hidden agendas), you get brainwashed unknowingly even if you are educated and intelligent.  (That’s why there are intelligent people in cults too.)  

In the past, I even pointed out to one of these few the flaw in one article they posted on Facebook.  That flaw and the intent by that author to mislead were just too obvious for me to ignore.  I pointed it out and he conceded.  The problem is that he reads from too many of these unreliable sources.  Unsurprisingly, he believes Donald Trump is the same as Hillary Clinton.  Fortunately, most people know that’s not true.

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Joke's on Her, Anjelah Johnson

Anjelah Johnson was a cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders later turned standup Comedian.  In the past, she often made fun of Christian rappers for laughs.  Little did she know, joke's on her.

Long story short, she later married a Christian rapper.  

When she first told her family and friends about this guy and they asked her “What does he do?” she reluctantly answered, “Um, he’s a Christian rapper.”  That resulted in the biggest laughs.  

As Anjelah Johnson now knows, God is probably saying, "The joke’s on you girl."  But she too is laughing happily.