Monday, September 14, 2009

Inappropriate Behavior - Kanye, Joe Wilson, Serena

Inappropriate or unacceptable behavior will cost you, as Kanye will learn. Serena Williams and Joe Wilson have already learned.

Many of you may have seen Kanye West’s unacceptable behavior in last night’s VMA awards when he got on stage when Taylor Swift was accepting her award. See the video here for yourself. (You may have to wait through a few seconds of commercial.)

As you can see, he took the microphone from Taylor Swift and said something implying that Beyonce should’ve won the award instead. The young Taylor Swift was left there just stunned. Why would you take a moment away from a young teenage singer in a nationally televised award show? It’s just unacceptable behavior. Although it may not have fully hit Kanye’s pocketbook yet, I believe it will. His popularity (if he ever had it) has been hit hard after this incident, as many in social networks online and blogs have already written hateful comments about Kanye West.

On Saturday, Serena Williams’ lashed out at an official during a match.

The official, the target of Ms. Williams' outburst, is off-screen to the right. Even if you disagree with the call, why would you lash out at an official like that? That’s inappropriate and unacceptable. Serena Williams’ outburst cost her the match, and a $10,000 fine.

On Thursday, we had Joe Wilson yelling out “you lie” in the middle of the President’s address in front of Congress. Notice that Mr. Wilson was booed from both sides (Republicans and Democrats.)

Now, with every organization or every environment, there are just certain codes of conduct (written or unwritten). This is true with most work places. This is also true with Congress (and that work place rightfully has a higher standard). One thing you would never do is yell out disrespectfully at the President during a presidential address within the chambers of Congress. It is outrageous behavior unheard of.

After Mr. Wilson's outburst, his political opponent gained $500,000 more than him in campaign contributions, overnight. (Approximately, $1,100,000 poured into his opponent's campaign within 24 hours.) Also, many in Congress are considering disciplinary action against Mr. Wilson. Unacceptable behavior will cost you.

Although these cases of unacceptable behavior are rare, it does happen and I've experienced inappropriate behavior by students at the community college where I teach some labs (workshops), but such occurences are very rare. These few students eventually paid the price. If we’ve only learned one thing, it is this – inappropriate behavior will cost you eventually, if not immediately.

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  1. My question is, were the male tennis stars who constantly threw tantrums fined or punished for it? I remember John McEnroe was a raving lunatic sometimes. Maybe he was punished...I haven't really kept up with it ever...but it should be fair for everyone.

  2. Well, I actually didn't show enough video of the whole Serena William's outburst - actually outbursts. Her first was smashing the racket, for which she only received the warning. Her second is shown on the video, but not completely. (I've just posted another video which shows a more complete picture above.) If you view both videos, you will see that the punishment is undoubtedly fair. She cursed at the official. Then she went back at the official again a second time. (So, technically that's three.) I don't know if McEnroe ever lashed out at an official like that (twice, after a warning has already been issued.) If any player of any professional sports league act this way toward an official, I think they must be punished.