Friday, January 22, 2010

Wyclef's Foundation Cannot Be Trusted

I generally agree with teachings of the Bible regarding donating for good causes and to God. These teachings of giving is also echoed by other major religions.

However, you may want to give wisely by looking into the organizations you are donating to.

The non-profit organization of the Haitian-born rapper, Wyclef Jean, cannot be trusted. When his organization Yele Haiti Foundation (also known as the Wyclef Jean Foundation) was accused of using their donated funds to pay Wyclef Jean for performances at fundraisers and to pay a company co-owned by Wyclef Jean for services, he denied it. Now, Mr. Jean is no longer denying it, but he is blaming the accounting firm he hired.

Apparently, Mr. Jean is using the accounting firm as his scapegoat, and he fired them. So, it is the accounting firm that decided to pay you personally, Mr. Wyclef, from the funds of your nonprofit organization? Who are you trying to fool, Mr. Jean?

To anyone who wants to donate for the cause in Haiti, please donate to the following two charities I trust:

They have been working in Haiti long before the earthquake and will more likely be able to use your donations effectively to help the people of Haiti. By the way, I have no affiliations to any of these charities.

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