Thursday, September 2, 2010

Not a Saint

In my last blog entry where I critiqued how some women dress, I might have sounded like a saint. I am here to tell you frankly I am definitely no saint. That's exactly why I wrote that entry, because I am being "real". I am a real man and we are biologically "built" in a certain way. When a woman dresses a certain way revealing too much or wearing clothes too tight, it's hard for a man not to look. However, this is not the kind of attention you want, ladies, as I've mentioned in my previous blog.

I am not a saint, but a man. A saint would not need women to stop dressing in a certain way in order for him to not look at them a certain way. Ladies, this is not the way you want us to look at you. We are not looking at you like a princess. This is not the type of attention you want. For more on this, see my previous entry at -

For the men who aim to be spiritual, there is a practical reason to strive to not let your eyes and mind wonder toward that "natural" place. You could find numerous examples of men bringing themselves to ruin because they were unable to do so, if you look in history or even current events.

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