Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Preparations

There is a mandatory evacuation of Zone A areas in NYC. To find out what zone you're in and evacuation/safe centers, go to:


Severity of Hurricane Irene
Hurricane Irene has a high likelihood of being a serious storm. "This is a particularly threatening situation," said Dr. Rick Knabb, hurricane expert and meteorologist. "Computer models are currently trending toward a forecast solution of rare potency for portions of the Northeast. Irene will be a serious and multi-hazard threat for the major metropolitan areas of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. This includes Norfolk, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, Hartford, and Boston. This hurricane has the potential to produce flooding rains, high winds, downed trees (on houses, cars, power lines) and widespread power outages. Significant impacts along the immediate coast include high waves, surge and beach erosion."

At least five state governors have already declared a state of emergency. As I have been listening to what some meteorologists have been saying and as I remember Katrina and New Orleans (and how unprepared everyone was back then), I don't think the authorities are overcautious right now. You should make preparations.

If the authorities tell you to evacuate, get out! If you don't, you may die. (Remember Katrina and New Orleans.)

Prepare a supply kit:

Prepare a Go Bag (especially if you live in low lying areas with higher chance of evacuation):

NYC Evacuation centers:
In the case your area requires an evacuation and your family has nowhere to go, notice the evacuation centers (red dots) on this map-

Are you in an evacuation zone for the hurricane? Find out at

MTA Shuts Down at Noon on Saturday:
New York City MTA will shut down (system-wide) at noon tomorrow (Saturday, 8/27/2011). You should be in a safe place (not flood zone and if possible, not above 10th floor) by noon tomorrow, if you live in NY, NJ, or Tri-state area.

Information on Hurricane Irene

More about Hurricane Irene:

Protecting Valuables and Electronics, and Preventing Electrocution
- Move valuables and electronics out of basements
- On any floor, keep valuables and electronics on high shelves and away from windows

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