Saturday, July 25, 2009

Obama's Health Reforms Can Mean Life or Death

I recently wrote an article about Obama’s health care reform efforts for a local Brooklyn publication. The article should be published in the next week or so. I am limited in what I could write here because they’ve paid me for the first rights to my information in the article.

Because I’ve examined the 1014 page legislation proposed and have written an article about it, I support this health care reform effort pushed by Obama. After the American Medical Association (AMA) reviewed the proposed legislation, they now also support it (which is an 180 degree turn from their original position, and their historical position in opposing previous reform efforts by past presidents).

I also support the current reform efforts because I had personally faced difficulties from the broken health system, and because of insider understanding of certain things when I worked at UCSF (medical school and medical center.) I urge everyone to support H.R. 3200 and Obama’s health care reform efforts, because what happened to me (when I had to deal with the broken health care system) can very well happen to you and to anyone, and it has happened to many in this country and some/many have died or become disabled because of the broken health system. Unfortunately, most people don't really know how bad things are until they actually go through such situations. Don't wait until you are fighting an illness and facing death/disability before you support Obama's health reforms. It would be too late by then. We have a rare window of opportunity to change things now. Don't let it slip. Support Obama's health care reform efforts. Call or write to your senators and congressmen.

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  1. I just hope it's better than what they have in England. My stepdad is from there and I've heard the horror stories.

  2. Yes, some of the other countries, like England and Canada, with universal health care have imperfections with their systems. However, what Obama and Democrats are pushing is different. First of all, the private insurance option stays. Those who want to keep their current private insurance may keep them.