Monday, December 28, 2009


When I was teaching a student a few weeks ago, I mentioned something God has been teaching me regarding following your calling and getting on the path in life designated for you. My student excitedly responded, “That sounds like Heroes?”

“Heroes?” I asked.

“The TV show Heroes,” she clarified.

Since then, I didn’t think much about the it until yesterday when I saw a commercial about the show Heroes. In the commercial, the narrator briefly mention that each person (or each hero) has his/her special abilities. However, each one alone cannot serve the ultimate purpose. The ultimate purpose or the greater good is served only when they are together as a whole. The screen showed each hero as a puzzle piece.

"Alone, we are insignificant. But when the pieces come together, we all serve a purpose."

I’m now thinking, the writer of this story probably has some spiritual understanding to include these important lessons into the story. I have never watched even one episode of this show, but I will probably check it out when I get the chance.

I found the link to some full episodes of Heroes at but I won't have a chance to watch any until later. I also noticed that it's on its fourth season already. Is there any background information I need to know, from the first 3 seasons I've missed.

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