Monday, November 8, 2010

It's All Possible, With God

It's all possible if you follow God's calling and keep connected to Him. Peace Pilgrim was called by God to walk across the country spreading the message of peace and helping multitudes of people. She gave away everything she had and just walked across the country with essentially nothing, trusting that all her basic necessities would be provided for her, as long as she is on the purpose from God. She walked across the country for more than 30 years carrying virtually nothing. She didn't have a steady paycheck. She didn't carry food with her. She did the work she was called to do, and everything was provided for her. It was just like how Jesus and his disciples walked around everywhere carrying nothing with them. (Matthew 10:7-10) Rationally, we would say, "It's impossible. How can someone not prepare necessities so basic as food, money, tranportation, and shelter and be okay? The answer is - it's all possible, AS LONG AS YOU ARE SERVING GOD. It's all possible as long as you are FOLLOWING YOUR CALLING OR PURPOSE from God.

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