Friday, November 26, 2010

Your Story

This is a story of your life in one area or another. If we consciously avert this tendency as described in the video, we will save ourselves a lot of misery.

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This is a story as told by Dr. Wayne Dyer, which I believe resonates with all of us, in one area of life or another. It’s a story of you. It may be a story of your relationships. It may be a story of your work. It may be a story of your studies. It may be a story of your career choices. Or it may be a story of another area of your life.

Chapter 1. I pick a street to walk down. It feels good on this street. It feels comfortable walking down this street. Suddenly, I fall into a hole. It catches me off guard. I didn’t see it coming. “How did I end up here?” I ask myself. I am hurt. Eventually, I climb out of the hole. It takes some time but the wounds eventually heal.

Chapter 2. I walk down the street. It feels good. I fall into another hole. “How did this happen again?” I ask myself. I can’t believe I am down here again. I eventually climb out. But it still hurts. My wounds eventually heal.

Chapter 3. I walk down the street. It feels good for the time being. This time, I see a hole coming. I still fall in. “I can’t believe it! How could I still end up down here!” I climb out. It doesn’t hurt as much because my body has now adapted. My shell’s become more hardened.

Chapter 4. I walk down the street. It feels good. I see a hole. This time, I walk around the hole,… but this street is still getting me nowhere.

Chapter 5. I walk down another street. Another street. The right street.

IF YOU COULD SKIP STRAIGHT TO ANOTHER STREET, CHAPTER 5, SKIP STRAIGHT TO CHAPTER 5. Walk down a different street, the right street. Although some people do go through chapters 1-4, going down the same street with the same holes, you’ll save yourself a lot of misery if you skip these chapters. Selectively seek out chapter 5, ANOTHER STREET, the right street and go right on it.

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