Saturday, October 27, 2012

Preparations for Hurricane Sandy, or Frankenstorm


• Fully charge phones and electronic devices
• Fill all pots with water
• Radio
• Extra batteries for radio
• Food in safe pleace (cans, dried goods, and other nonperishables)
• Candles and lighters

Go Bag 

Fully-charged phone and other electronic devices
A pocket knife
Emergency cash in small denominations (and quarters for phone calls!)
A change of clothes and sturdy shoes
A map marked with your family's emergency meeting place
Some water and non-perishable food
Paper, tape and markers (in case you need to make a sign)
A toothbrush and toothpaste
A list of emergency contact numbers (in a zip lock bag)
A list of any medical conditions you and your family might have (in a zip lock bag)
A copy of your health insurance and ID cards (in a zip lock bag)
An extra pair of eyeglasses or any other vital personal items
A first aid kit
Extra medication if you take any
Photos of family members and pets for identification purposes
And extra keys to your house and vehicle/bike locks

Preparedness Tools

NYC Preparedness Info
(because MTA will most likely shut down) 

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