Friday, June 6, 2014

40 Years

The forty years were over, and it was time to enter the Promised Land already.

The Israelites roamed in the desert for forty years before they entered the Promised Land.  It was their own fault because they let the yeast of worldly thinking to crush their own faith (when they saw the Nephilim giants) and they convinced themselves that it wasn’t possible to attain the Promised Land.  They doubted despite all the miracles God had performed in getting them out of dire circumstances.  Their doubt caused them to roam needlessly in the desert for forty years without getting in the Promised Land.

The forty years in the desert are over.  Let’s enter the Promised Land already.  You’ve witnessed God’s amazing abilities time and time again (even though you tend to forget).  Stop doubting and have faith to just go for it.  Stay away from the yeast of “normal” thinking or the yeast of worldly logic.  Do everything it takes to go for it, even if it seems very risky and even if it seems that you’d have a lot to lose.

Most likely, you would have less to lose than the Israelites.  The Promised Land was occupied by ancient giants who were at least two feet taller than them and were much bigger than them.  Also, the giants most likely carried much bigger swords than them.  These giants had a history of abominable practices.  By all worldly logic, these giants would devour the Israelites.  As the Israelites said faithlessly but understandably, “Our wives and children will be taken as plunder.  Wouldn’t it be better for us to go back to Egypt?”  If the ancient giants devoured them, their men would all be killed also. 

You see, the Israelites most likely had a lot more to lose than you.  Yet, they were still considered faithless because God was on their side as demonstrated in so many miracles.  Despite all the miracles, the Israelites didn’t trust God because of they had so much to lose and because of their fear.  Because of this, a whole generation of them died in the desert without seeing the Promised Land.

Most likely, you have much less to lose.  So, just go for it.  “Give it all you got.  Don’t hold nothing back.”  Make sure you have God with you and just go for it.  You can’t afford not to.  You can’t afford another 40 years in the desert.  You don’t want to die in the desert in your old age (metaphorically speaking), as did the whole generation of Israelites who doubted.  Stay away from the yeast of the norm.

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