Friday, June 27, 2014

Don't Care What They Say; Whatever Works!

When Michelle Wie switched to a putter that seems to be too short, people “started talking about it.”  They were talking about the weird or goofy stance she started assuming with the shorter putter.  However, Wie felt it was more effective for her despite what people said. 

Lesson #1:  Who cares what people say!  Whatever works!  Look how it turned out.  Michelle Wie won the U.S. Open this year.
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At the time of the putter change, some experts were saying that Michelle’s new putting stance did not seem to be good for her back.  However, her lower back actually felt better than the more acceptable putting stance she used earlier.

Lesson #2:  You know yourself the best.  Although you should hear what the experts have to say and recognize their expertise, ultimately you have to make the decision for yourself.

Another part of this message is for the experts, such as doctors.  Although you are the expert, you have to be conscious of the individuality and uniqueness of each patient.

"Just as important as finding out what kind of disease a patient has, is finding out what kind of patient has the disease."

As much commonality as you’ve seen in your profession, you must always be alert for the patient, client, or student who may be different than the common pattern you are familiar with.

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